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Android Active Apps Widget. Share improve this answer answered apr 23, 2011 at 14:17 sparx 10.9k 6 30 43 add a comment A full update, a partial update, and, in the case of a collection widget, a data refresh.

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Bei aktive apps 0 ist es. I'd quite like to install it, or something similar, on my wife's samsung a41 so i'd be. Soweit finde ich das widget echt gut, da man sofort sehen kann, wieviele anwendungen aktiv sind (auf dem homescreen heißt es aktive apps).

WidgetSmith for Android Download APK • APKOD

Widgets that show information without opening apps important: If you want an active apps widget, it called the multitasking button since those are all the active apps that are active on the phone. Learn how to check your android version. I believe the galaxy tab's interface has been modified to include a task manager button.