Android Studio App Is Not Indexable By Google Search

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Android Studio App Is Not Indexable By Google Search. I dismissed this warning by adding this to one of my activities, although the best practice is to build a website for your app and give it's url as host: Sometimes app is not published to google play so deep links will not be needed, etc:

Android studio去掉项目清单文件黄色警告_梦之归途的博客CSDN博客
Android studio去掉项目清单文件黄色警告_梦之归途的博客CSDN博客 from

To set up your android app for indexing by google, use the android app links assistant in android studio or follow these steps: To enable google to capture your application content and allow users to enter your application from search results, you must add intent filters for related activities in the manifest. We are unable to convert the task to an issue at this time.

Android studio去掉项目清单文件黄色警告_梦之归途的博客CSDN博客

To put it briefly, you can seek the assistance of midas manifestation if you are having a. See issue explanation for more details. I have updated my android application project in the latest androidx of android 10 or you can say android q compatible and now in my manifest.xml class showing me some warning like. (4, 6) app is not indexable by google search;