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Athlean X App Android. is an android developer that currently has 1 apps on google play, is active since 2015, and has in total collected about 3 million installs and 34 thousand ratings. Since apple came out with their latest ios upgrade demanding iphone 5 compatibility of all apps (which the original 6 pack promise was not), it has caused a conflict with the function of the app.

I'm a disgrace Athleanx
I'm a disgrace Athleanx from

I've downloaded the athleanx ios app (name is 6 pack on the store). 5 days / week day type : Cross platform mobile development ;

I'm a disgrace Athleanx

I think athlean x is great if you are going for more of the lean athletic look such as a soccer player, wide receiver, etc, but personally if you are trying to be a bodybuilder i wouldn’t recommend it. Am i using the right app or is there any other app available around? Jeff nippards programs are more appropriate for bodybuilding in my opinion. Save and track with our app on ios and android platforms: